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    Good thing I can experience the lunar eclipse from the comfort of my own bed on the interweb.

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    meeting celebrities is an interesting thing because some people spend their life savings to get one photo and hug with their idol while others find them in like the cereal aisle at the grocery store

    mycroft-queenofcake:  dancing-in-a-thunderstorm:  theblogofdeduction:  thealphasourwolf:  fuckyeahrdj:  kashmir1:  hawkachu:  trickyshellhead:  hackedmotionsensors:  tardiscrash:  tellxmebby:   Could you imagine shopping and just looking over into the isle and seeing him   (via creeperjude) There is like nothing but juice in that cart. What the hell Robert, you juice whore.   THERE IS A FACE IN THE EGGS   OMFG THERE IS A CREEPY FACE IN THE EGGS. WTAF. ALSO. HE IS WEARING A STARK BASEBALL CAP. STARK. I AM NOT IMAGINING THAT, RIGHT? omg rdj wtaf.  is that jude law hiding in the eggs youre walking in the dairy aisle theres no one around and your cart is full out of the corner of your eye you spot him: RDJ hes following you in a Stark brand cap his cart squeaks on the floor, and he narrows his eyes to a squint hes staring at you: RDJ youre looking for the checkout but youre all turned around hes walking beside you now and you can see theres juice in his cart my god, theres juice everywhere. shopping for your food - with RDJ you get in the same queue - with RDJ he browses through the candy Hollywood superstar RDJ picks up a pack of gum - RDJ looks at the price - RDJ puts it back on the shelf - practical shopper RDJ

    the hat

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    Hippity-Hoppity Springtime !!!

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